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Trials in Tainted Space 0.7.81

Price Sheet Style - It's sci-fi. There're going to be space ships, bars, aliens, furry-folk, robots.

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If you can't draw that, don't apply. Reliability - I'm not kidding. Feel free to reply or PM.

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I do CG-only, but I'm interested in hearing more about your project and seeing if I could be a good fit! Jaymo View Profile View Posts. I'm coding as fast as I can Don't worry it is getting all my love!

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Hey someone has to do it Syrrah View Profile View Posts. It all depends on what you understand under "more games like this".

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If it taintev this combat style you are interested in, there are literally thousands of game to pick from, even South Park Stick Of Truth comes close. If it is the quasi-randomness and permadeath idea behind the game, then you should be looking in the direction of rogue-lites.

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Grum has trials in tainted space free some good games, although I don't really agree with his picks: Or the base game Nethack why pay for what is free? If it is the art style that you are charmed with, you probaly will have to start digging in the games of the eighties.

There were quite a few games similar to Sanctuary RPG back then, but dang it if I can remember their names. You can still find it on C64 emulator sites, but it will require lots of trial-and-error without a manual not sure if I can mention sites, but a planet dedicated to emu lation has a d64 image if you want to give it a go. Games adv quest animation seduction voyeur space fantasy trials in tainted space free all sex handjob big tits big ass.

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Games kosmos games adventure quest animation seduction voyeur space fantasy corruption all sex handjob big tits big ass. Lust Effect from Kosmosgames.

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Games kosmosgames animation fantasy space interactive all sex anal blojob renpy. Trials in Tainted Space Version 0 7 46 by Fenoxo.

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Games fenoxo rpg fantasy big breasts space futanari xxx tentacles harem sci fi flash pregnant transformation. When talking about New Texasrespond with Man Up. During the initial confrontation, choose to Flirt with her.

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During the initial confrontation, Tell her about Spacw. During the initial confrontation, after agreeing to Tell her about Karaagree to her Deal.

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After Eye of the Grials and being confronted by Shade, tell her it was a Coincidence. Choose ShekkaGive after successfully completing the Stellar Tether mission. Steele has a vagina and Syri is a friend.

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Choose BetYourself during the gaming challenge. After victory, select Up My Pussy.

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Encourage her to Keep Going. Steele has a vagina and Syri is not a friend. Insist that she continue.

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After a wild varmint becomes a stowaway on the ship, Kill It. Talk to Vi and choose ' Donate '. Steele has a penis.

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Steele has a kind personality. Defeat hostile female zil and choose to UseHerDrugs.

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Defeat near automat-uh female zil and choose: MeanClitFuck if Steele has a vagina with a clit and clit length at 3. MeanCockFuk if Steele has a penis that fits.

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News:Dec 3, - Trials in tainted space is a game thats a great example of this kind of game. great story, great gameplay, great sex, great writing, its an all around great game. And its Or the base game Nethack (why pay for what is free?).

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