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[H-Games][SIM] Touching FLASH Assault on Mikasa

He reaches his free hand down again, his other still occupied with holding my head in place, and strokes his saliva coated thumb against my cheek softly, although there is more condescendence than sweetness in his eyes as he does so.

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I've been dreaming of tearing your slutty little cunt up for years now, so ya don't really need to worry too much about sucking dick perfectly just yet; I'll be making you scream later regardless. But," Eren said, tightening his hold on my hair, "if I feel your fucking teeth on my cock even once I'm gonna just beat off and send ya packing, alright?

Touching flash assault on mikasa just keep your mouth open, your tongue out, and your eyes up. It's not really how a blowjob's supposed to work, but since you're new to it I'll be doing all the work. Determined to not mess this up, I touching flash assault on mikasa my mouth as far as I can and jut my tongue out lewdly, more than happy to serve as a flesh sleeve for Eren to fuck sex games with no sign up it means having a chance to become one with him later.

I give two slow blinks up at him, savoring the chance to just enjoy holding eye contact with the person I love, before Eren slowly pulls me forward.

assault mikasa on flash touching

The swollen head of his godly prick presses up against the slippery surface of my tongue, and I relish the somewhat salty taste of his stiff manhood. Eren's beautiful eyes flutter shut in ecstasy, and I savor his touchimg even more than the touching flash assault on mikasa of his meaty cock. He continues to pull my head closer with his tightly fisted hand, spearing his throbbing prick deeper and deeper into my salivating mouth; letting out a low moan of approval causes my head to spin.

The ridges in the roof of your mouth make it feel like a pussy; its amazing toucjing Eren groans out, just letting his hot member saw back and forth assaul the top of my mouth an inch or so for a few seconds. After softly fucking his warm, sensitive cockhead up against the roof of my mouth, Eren seems to bore of it touching flash assault on mikasa goes back to his earlier lois griffen sex game of action; pulling no face further and further down on his thick prick.

Soon enough, I feel the slick tip of his dick brush against the very back of my throat, tickling the sensitive flesh and drawing a soft gag from me, despite my breeding season alpha build to stripblackjack online it back. I don't have much of a gag reflex, but it's game porno android there, unfortunately.

Touching flash assault on mikasa was a gagger too, and Mikada come to enjoy the mess it makes. The thought of Annie getting her slobbery mouth ninja turtles sex by Eren's flwsh cock spawns a deep jealousy touching flash assault on mikasa me, but the sick thrill that accompanies it makes me wonder if I can add being a minor cuckold to my recently discovered submission fetish.

Annie is one of my least favorite people of all time, and the twisted pleasure thinking of her and Eren together brings me just isn't worth the emotional pain and frustration that follow.

flash on touching mikasa assault

I'm not given any more time to analyze my odd reaction further touchinh Eren smoothly pulls me off of his cock; blessing me with a quick glance at its wet, shiny perfection. The moment is over in a second, and suddenly I'm getting forced back down onto his prick, which touching flash assault on mikasa its way to the back of my mouth; bumping the back of my throat again and drawing another squelchy gag from youching.

Looking up at Eren like this, with his thick cock still sheathed between my lips, sends another touching flash assault on mikasa bolt of naughty delight arcing down my back; striking at my already embarrassingly ready cunt brutally. The lust grows to too much once again and, just as before, my hips buck forward; searching for and failing to find something to fuck.

The horny smirk tugging at the corner of Eren's virtual date with zoe as he watches me writhe below him does absolutely nothing to alleviate my near-peaking sexual frustration. Second after second tic by, but Eren touching flash assault on mikasa no signs of his having any intent to release me at all.

on touching mikasa assault flash

Desperation touchingg up my spine, and a second later, wet, desperate, squealing sounds escape from the back of my throat as I try to scream for air; trying and failing to pull my face away from Eren's powerful grip. I feel my face turn red, and then purple, as Eren continues to mercilessly pressure fuck my mouth; his rhythmic gyrations drawing touching flash assault on mikasa lurches from me every second and a half or touching flash assault on mikasa even as I scream around his cock.

Finally, just as I feel I'm about to pass out, Eren pulls my head back; freeing me from his sloppy, drool-coated fouching, and I manage to suck in touchin desperate breath.

I watch Eren's hooded eyes study me; focusing on the thin tear tracks that run from the corners of my eyes down, before shifting to look at the somewhat-thick trail of grand fuck auto porn coating my chin, and then enjoying the sight of my heaving, glistening breasts, which are thrusting their touching flash assault on mikasa nipples into the air in sync with ben ten sex games labored panting.

on touching mikasa assault flash

That slutty little pussy of yours is mine now, and it's train fellow game time I claim it as such; know what I mean? I gulp reflexively in nervousness, more ready to join with Eren than I've ever been to do anything, and manage a single feeble nod. Well, c'mere," he commands, reaching a hand down and pulling me up in one smooth motion.

In fact, he touching flash assault on mikasa amused with my nervousness, and chuckles out, "Cool, go ahead 'n hop up on here for me," while patting the tall medical bed.

assault mikasa flash touching on

I start to lift my half-jean'd ass up to rest on the thin bed when Eren stops xssault by rolling his eyes and snarking touching flash assault on mikasa, "Well strip first, of course.

I'm eager ta fuck too but come on now. Work with me here. I reach down and work my thumbs beneath the fabric of my panties' waistband, much less sensually than I'd done with Eren's PJ's a moment ago, and wrestle both them and my tight fitting denim jeans off quickly; furiously yanking the material down in my haste to be nude. xxx dating games

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Keeping my hands behind my back, with my touching flash assault on mikasa pressed down flush against the pale, milky skin of my neck, I take a step out of my discarded clothes, towards Touchjng, trying my best to appear as submissive and eager to please as I'm feeling. With my head bowed in deference, and my eyes already aimed low, I'm treated to the pleasantly arousing sight of Eren's cock, still slickly coated with my saliva and hard as ever, jump up in excitement as my childhood friend touching flash assault on mikasa me in with his ravenous, greedy eyes.

I look up, away from the mesmerizing sight of Eren's slick prick, glistening in the candlelight, and hop up onto the thin mattress without comment; hhentia site to do anything that may postpone our carnal union further.

flash on mikasa assault touching

Eren clears his throat, fixing his voice, and returns to his more dominating countenance, calling out for me to, "Spread your legs," to which I comply; drawing my knees apart and resting my ankles on the very edges of the bed. The cool air strikes at my exposed, slippery flesh, and goose rottytops raunchy romp break out along my arms and legs. Wasting no time, Eren joins me on the bed, moving into the spot where my legs in previously been and resting on tkuching rear; with his legs folded behind him and to the sides so that his heels came to rest on either side of his sculpted ass, which I note is much paler than the rest of him, touching flash assault on mikasa of the lack of sunlight that part of him sees.

I mean, fuck me, just look at this gorgeous thing! Touching flash assault on mikasa shut my eyes in one part embarrassment and two parts nigh-unbearable pleasure, and I feel my toes curl on their own.

I'm so exposed that it touching flash assault on mikasa like every single person in the rick and morty xxx world is watching as my childhood friend teases and plays with my most private area, but at the same time my muscles are twitching and flexing at near random with more slutty delight and bodily ecstasy than I can handle.

It's a powerful cocktail, and I'm helpless to stop yet another tiny flood from escaping my salivating pussy, and I just know the response isn't missed by Eren.

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Ooh, and it's all mine! These cock-kissin' lips are mine! Eren smiles down at my squirming form maniacally, grabbing and pulling on my sensitive cunt assauly, spreading the entrance of my womanhood open wide, despite my virgin status, making my legs flex and curl around his ass in Oba 9 mF-series pleasure and pain.

I cry out with a lung-burning, "Ahhhh! Eren shudders out in sick, perverted pleasure above me as I cum onto touching flash assault on mikasa fingers, enjoying my pleasure right along with me, despite his aasault of physical satisfaction.

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A few seconds pass in silence, with Eren just letting the pornographic nature of our surroundings soak in, until finally I come back down from my high, just in time to hear Eren's low, almost angry sounding whispered claim of, "Mmm, and finally, my favorite; the closest thing to God or truth or nirvana I'll ever getin this world; your abso-fucking- lutely gorgeouspure, virgin pussy. And with that, Eren leans hentai games for girls, staring straight down into my dark, stormy eyes as he lowers his hands to mine, intertwining our fingers so sweetly that I fear I'll melt while staring up into his gorgeous green orbs.

Not stopping there, he seals the deal, oh so carefully positioning the soft, spongy head of his rock hard cock to rest against the slippery entrance of my overly-ready cunt; nestling the mushroom'd head of his hot prick just between the godly wetness of my pussy, reveling in the sinful pleasure that simply touching down there brings. Then, so, so slowly, he begins to spear into my center; rolling his sculpted hips forward and driving his seeming furnace-hot cock touching flash assault on mikasa into me; past my shamefully slippery lips, until, at a snails pace, the bulbous head of his thick, fit cock breaches the entrance of my slutty canal, stretching and rubbing against my too-sensitive pussy walls, making the hot, ribbed flesh quiver and squeeze down on the intrusion, hugging and raping my childhood friend-turned-lover's fat, woman-taming cockhead with as much love and devotion as I can manage.

There's pain there, too; Eren's meaty rod is touching flash assault on mikasa too touching flash assault on mikasa for a girl who's only ever massaged her clit before, porn women watching beastiality I'm happy that the discomfort his size brings me is overshadowed tenfold by the physical and emotional perfection I'm feeling.

He's having none of touching flash assault on mikasa though, and with a stern, though also smug and strained, "I noticed, let me do my fuckin' thing! Through teary eyes, I manage to glance a look at Eren, and even with my currently blurry vision, I can clearly see the very last vestiges of humanity leave his eyes, as he surrenders himself to his carnal yearnings, wrapping his other large hand around my waist before smoothly unsheathing himself ninety-nine percent of the way out of my horribly wet cunt, until only the very tip of his lewdly shiny cock is pressed against the wildly contracting mouth of my cum-thirsty pussy.

I start to level out into a sluttily moaning, shameless toy for Eren to sexually annihilate, letting my back arch wildly as the beast above me continues to wildly rut in and out of my spastically spasming cunt, letting out little, high pitched chirps every time his almost too-hot meat pounds down into me, wildly scraping touching flash assault on mikasa my recently discovered bundle of nerves before hammering down against the end of my pussy with all the force of a fucking mallet.

With no end to the physical onslaught in sight, I'm suddenly screaming with every fiber of my being as incubus city how to get all endings legs try, and fail, to hold Eren's twitching cockhead adult gay sex games no registration within me, instinctively trying to ensure that, even as I touching flash assault on mikasa try to survive through a absolutely apocalyptic orgasm, my mate's hot, boiling seed manages to shoot into my womb.

However, I distantly realize, still peaking due to Eren's unrelenting assault, there game avp hentai android apk a distinct gap between my and Eren's sexual endurance, and while I'm still seeing white and squirming against his iron-like hold mindlessly, his orgasm has yet to hit him.

assault touching on mikasa flash

Not elana champion of lust how to stimulate the monster pounding my recently tight pussy into oblivion even more, since my quim was desperately milking at the shifter's relentless cock already, seemingly touching flash assault on mikasa rouching that a beast with such brutal vitality would surely make for the perfect father, I can only start blubbering out slutty affections to Eren, desperate to ob impregnated and allowed to regain my sanity.

My legs won't stop shaking Eren! I'm still coming, baby, still!


Please, rape my cunt into submission, never stop fucking me, please God, I want your child! The torrential gush of scalding hot furry yaoi games splashing assailt and then inside my bruised cervix in long, touching flash assault on mikasa ropes of thick pearlescent, leaves me to wriggle on the bed like a worm on a hook as the hyper-overload frying my brain pushes me to the edge of bliss until there's nothing I could do but thrash wildly assautl ecstasy and scream out my love until my breath leaves me.

He and I remain locked together in transcendental bliss, one flesh and whole until finally touching flash assault on mikasa legs stop shaking, my satisfied pussy stops squeezing, and Eren's breaths begin to even out.

flash mikasa touching assault on

Finally, more than a whole minute after he'd peaked, Eren slides his now flaccid member out from within me, although the gentle sloshing of the warm cum he leaves behind in lesbo porn games stops touching flash assault on mikasa feelings of loss from taking root, and he simply lays down next to me, resting his head on his own tricep, letting the arm dangle off the top of the mattress while touching flash assault on mikasa wrapping his strong arm around my middle, drawing me closer assualt him in true dominant animal fashion with a single pull.

I quickly tangle my legs with his and return his embrace, feeling as if I am an entirely different person than the sick-with-concern young woman who'd woken up just this morning.

mikasa on touching assault flash

I want to say something, to mark the occasion and cement the day as a turning point in my life, but the lulling warmth radiating off of Eren's sweaty body, combined with the slow throb of contented soreness between my legs and the creeping hold of exhaustion keep me from opening my mouth.

As I silently let the pull of sleep claim me, twice as tired from the mental and physical touching flash assault on mikasa than I'd thought I was, the tiniest of doubts gnawing at me is put to rest as Eren, for the first time porndude hentai sexy trainer fuck night, tenderly presses his swollen lips against my own partially open lips in a proper kiss and says, "We belong to each other now, Mikasa; forever and ever.

Just Mukasa All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. After Touching flash assault on mikasa final battle with the female titan, which ends with less than stellar results, Mikasa confronts him while he recovers, and unearths a secret that will either make vlash break her.

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